You Rock Fellow Mom!


You Rock Fellow Mom!
Being a member of quite a few pareting groups on facebook on other sites there is a scary trend that is arising, it started when we were in grade school and has now followed us onto social media and sometimes even into our real mommy lives! BULLYING! I can’t tell you how many innocent posts have turned into some wicked mom on mom drama. Sadly, we forget one KEY thing that ties us all together. We are all moms.And once in a while we could use a little compassion, after all, we are all doing our best to do what we think is best for our kids. And with that I want to say You Rock Fellow Mom!!

Breast Feed? You Rock! Formula Feed? You Rock!
Vax? You Rock! Non-Vax? You Rock!
Working Mom? You Rock! Stay At Home Mom? You Rock!
Send Your Kid To Public School? You Rock! Unschool? You Rock!
Feed Your Family Organic? You Rock!  Visit The Drive Through A Little Too Often? You Rock!

The list could go on and on. There are things that I fully support, and things I will openly tell you that I don’t agree with. But as long as you love and are doing what you think is best for your family, I will say YOU ROCK!

No matter the choices you make, being a mom can be tough. Even the seemingly best of moms have bad days. . So I want to challenge you today to PM, Tweet, or text at least 5 other moms today and remind them that YOU ROCK FELLOW MOM!
A little compassion & kindness can change someones day, but you never know when it could change someones life!

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