Who Says Chocolate Covered Cherries Has to Be Candy?

     AS I stated in my last blog how much I like Popsicles. So while on my Popsicle extravaganza I was throwing whatever ingredients together that sounded good. This one sounded incredible! So here we go….
1 cup of unsweetened  almond milk
1 Tbsp chocolate syrup
1/2 cup frozen cherries
4-5 fresh cherries
Only 4 ingredients, somewhat healthy and get this only 47 calories!!!! 

Put everything in your Bullet, Blender or whatever you may use to blend ingredients. Except for the 4-5 fresh cherries. Cut those up and add after the other ingredients are blended to give you a few bites of fresh cherry bites. Pour into 3 ice pop molds and freeze..( I got my molds at the dollar store)
This recipe made 3 you can add a little more of the ingredients to make an even 4. Enjoy!

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