Who Says Bingo Markers Are Only For Bingo? Kids 5 Minute Craft #3…

Since I missed posting on Saturday I thought I  would post twice today. So before we went to our second trunk or treat outing on Friday night we did crafts for a short time. A very short time..lol.We try to keep crafts within five minutes ten tops or else we are sitting there finishing things with kids nowhere to be found. No they do not like to sit for very long.
     So my Grandson found a bingo marker one day and put dots all over everything. So since then every once in a while we occupy him with the bingo markers. Seeing it is fall we decided to go with fall colors. Aren’t they pretty? I got them at Dollar Tree..They should be coming out with some Christmas colors shortly and we can do plenty of things for Christmas. I’m sure you will see them 🙂 Anyways going to think what my next post blog shall be about..hmmm..Any ideas? Till we meet again..Mama Carol
Your supplies.Bingo markers, cardstock, markers
Trace there hand and forearm for the trunk
There’s his little tongue sticking out again..lol
Feeling very accomplished!
Focusing on her picture!
The finished pictures..(minus one which disappeared. lol) I even did one with them 🙂

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