Tonight On The Menu..Fresh Kielbasa & Garlic Cabbage..Yum!

     Happy Tuesday Family..I remember years ago my Mom used to get fresh kielbasa at our local butcher shop. Kielbasa and knockwurst actually. Well I have not seen either for years. I always see of course the packaged stuff like Hillshire Farms kielbasa but nothing like we used to get at the butcher shop…Until the other day while shopping at my local Publix store!! Could it be? Could they possibly have those links of pure yumminess? In the fresh meat department!  
     A package had to be mine! Now what could go with it? Garlic cabbage of course..Others would choose sauerkraut but I was looking at something that would be filling without any other side dish. (I did have a salad though) ..Let me tell you the kielbasa was as good as I remembered. And the garlic cabbage was a perfect addition!
And get this only 306 calories per serving!!! And if your watching points 7 points. so without any further adieu here is the recipe..Try it for your dinner this week..Or lunch..Or

1 pkg fresh kielbasa (16 oz)
1 head cabbage..about 8 cups
2 tbsp minced garlic
1/2 cup low sodium vegetable broth
cooking spray for pan such as Pam
Mrs. Dash for seasoning
Spray pan with cooking spray..Saute cabbage on medium until softened..add garlic and saute a few more minutes until garlic is browned.Add some Mrs. Dash seasoning and vegetable broth.Cook down until almost all broth is absorbed.

In a separate fry pan spray with cooking spray and cook your kielbasa on medium until browned and reaches a temperature of at least 165 degrees. Serve on top of cabbage..Voila!

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