It’s time again for the Ultimate Blog Challege. JULY EDITION

A couple times a year the opportunity arises to join one of the best, but also one of the hardest (for us anyway) blog challenges. 31 Straight days of blogging, no days off, no skipping days, no excuses. Does the leader of the challenge punish you if you don’t finish? Of course not. Paul Taubman is in fact one of the most available and most helpful blog challenge leader I’ve met. It seems he’s always around at just the right moment for that motivational push you need to get that days blog up, and a reminder to post it it the group Facebook to share with other UBC members (who are also all supportive). Every time we participate in this challenge I also find a new blog or 2 to follow and a few new friends that are more then willing to help me build my tribe.


We’ve attempted the UBC 3 times in the past, this will be our 4th time participating. We’ve only ever successfully completed one round, the last time we were doing well and then there were sick neighbors, new pets (Mama April Got some Ducks, we’ll introduce them later!), and even a new baby in the family- so life took priority- But we’ve got some new ideas, and a new system in place to help us succeed this time,so be on the look out for 31 days of new blogs from the Mason Jar Mamas- including all new keto recipes, some down home cooking, crafts, and maybe even some printable freebies!

So go ahead, grab a nice cold glass of sweet tea and stick around for the next 31 days- and beyond- there’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy!


3 thoughts on “It’s time again for the Ultimate Blog Challege. JULY EDITION”

  • I’m with you - tried the Ultimate Blog Challenge early this year and didn’t make it. This time round, I’m home - not travelling - and hopefully will continue the way I have started - so far, on track. Writing, for the whole of July, will take precedence over everything else! Well, that’s the plan. Good luck, and I will watch your blogs with interest.
  • This is only my second attempt at Ultimate Blog Challenge. This time, I decided to choose a word that began with successive letters of the alphabet for each day. Don't know what I'll do for the remaining days after Z...sigh.

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