There Is Magic in a Monday

Monday. While some people wake up with dread knowing that it beginds yet another work week, others see it as a day of hope, a day of new beginnings. Of course the ones that see it as a day of hope and new beginnings are still enjoying the weekend. Monday seems to have some sort of magic in it. Whenever anyone (myself included) decides to diet, give up a vice, or start a new habit it seems that Monday is the day to start. No matter if it’s Tuesday or Friday, we always make it a point to start Monday!

So here I sit again, Thursday morning, getting ready to do some grocery shopping and making a list of meal ideas that I could prep to help myself find success. I can’t even count the number of times that I’ve made Monday my day of reckoning. Maybe I’ll attempt to start on Sunday, but Monday for sure.
I’m thinking it’s time to bring back an old mantra that helped me lose 30+lbs before. “Make it  a Monday moment”. You ever notice how that first Monday, that first day of a new health & fitness plan seem to be the easiest? your will power is strong your motivation is high, you wake up early, you workout, and you feel GOOD!

 And then Tuesday….Wednesday…Thursday…Friday… Happen, someone brought donuts into work, there was cake for your nephews birthday, you have a sudden craving for a Big Mac (which you normally hate!), it rained so you couldn’t go for your morning run, and by the time evening rolled around you had to cook dinner, help with homework, bake cookies for the church fundraiser. Before you know it it’s the weekend, and you would have nearly forgotten about your goals if it weren’t for the motivational quotes taped to the fridge and pantry doors that are seemingly mocking you. Before you think about giving up, just know I’ve been there, I think anyone who has ever tried to lose weight or even change any kind of habit has been there, and as frustrating as it is, it’s not the end.

The next time you are faced with pizza in the lunch room, the tantalizing aroma of a tall caramel mocha grande frappe latte or even simply a 2nd serving of meatloaf and mashed potatoes at the dinner table, take a moment to remind yourself of your goals. Remember how great you felt on Monday and decide then and there to “Make it a Monday moment” no matter what day it is. If you want to follow my weight loss journey join me on my facebook page: and lets take this journey together. If you are ready to make your life full of Monday moments, comment below!

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  • I LOVE Mondays! And I LOVE January! That whole feeling of 'new start' .. Yup. You can do that any-time. Love my work so much now that every day is fun, whether it's office or kitchen based. Ho hum! Feeling lucky. :-)
  • Ah fresh starts...our church did a series early in the year and we learned that every day is DAY ONE. No matter what we face, the option of starting fresh is always an option!
  • I've never really thought about it way, but Monday does seem to be the usual first day of anything default. I like your advice, "make it a Monday moment!" :)
  • Right you are, after we've relaxed and rested on the wkend, Monday we start strong with exercise, diets and other goals, but with each passing day of the week, we gets in the way. OUt blog walking, gearing up for the a-z challenge, always nice to meet more bloggers.

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