The Smell Of Fall Is In The Air & 5 Minute Crafting With Leaves Project..

     Happy Tuesday! All I could smell throughout my house this evening was the meatloaf in the oven which accompanied the whipped potatoes and creamed corn & applesauce. Shortly afterwards i walked over to my Daughters to be greeted with the aroma of a port roast in the crockpot with potatoes and apples. It told me one thing… Fall is here! We look for those heavier richer foods that we don’t usually make in the warmer weather. Mostly because I don’t want to heat the house up from the oven. Oh another clue the weather is getting cooler my Hubby’s flannel jacket was unburied once again from the back of the closet. So this is the perfect intro to our newest 5 minute craft project leaf prints. I think the kids spent more time looking for their leaves that were on the ground then actually doing the project.
     It’s relatively easy. They paint the leaves with washable paint and then press them down on the cardstock to make their artwork. We would have put more on the paper but we were headed to a Trunk or Treat event so there attention span was even shorter then normal. So this was a very good 5 minute project. Maybe next time we can get more then one we meet again..Mama Carol

Here is what we used to make our prints (we had small Styrofoam plates for the paint as well) I got the paint for 1.57 a bottle at Walmart. We now have enough for lots of projects:) 30 brushes for 2.00 at Walmart too. Leaves were free…lol
Even Jake decided to get in on this craft..
Mama April is even joining in 🙂

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