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The Pilgrims Have Arrived Once Again…

     As I was standing in line yesterday at our local Publix store I was listening to the people in front of me. They were asking if they had any Pilgrims anywhere in the store. The woman had them in previous years but somehow they got lost and she wanted new ones. You see back in the late 90’s Publix supermarkets brought out S&P Pilgrims. Later they were followed by serving platters, gravy boats and more. Well 2 or 3 years ago the Pilgrims were discontinued and they brought out S&P Snow Buddies instead. I don’t think they are as much of a hit though but that’s my own opinion.
     I got to thinking about traditions and how we carry them through our families. How it was only on special Holidays you brought out the china from the cabinet. How immediately after  turkey dinner we would go to the annual tree lighting at the lake and would sing Silent Night in unison with all of the townspeople. And then it was back to the house for dessert! Usually by then we were joined by Uncles & Aunts who just waited for my Moms bread pudding and coconut creme pie. I can still here the echos of my Uncle Lou saying when you gonna bring out the bread pudding Mim..And don’t dare let it be in a Styrofoam cup!  I have such good family memories.
     Ok so now your wondering where these Pilgrims come into the picture, well we moved to Florida in 1997 and in May of 1999 my Mom went to be with the Lord. That was a very tough year and I didn’t know how I would get through the Holidays without her. I really wasn’t thinking about table decorations at Thanksgiving.  My Daughter Dawn told me she wanted to decorate the table so as I was taking a quick nap she decorated. Her and my Grandson had found some of the biggest leaves she could find and in gold glitter wrote messages on them. Mostly they were I miss you messages. But there in the middle of the leaves were these 2 Pilgrims. Even is the midst of my sadness something about those brought a smile through the tears.
     Well it is years later and although the leaves have mostly disintegrated from age the Pilgrims still make there yearly visit. And every year they still put a smile on my face. They began there visit with sadness that has now turned into joy. We now look back on those times we sat around the table and laughed over the silliest things and recall so many fond memories. But those pilgrims now hear the laughter of new grandchildren, new dreams and many new memories to come. Usually it is Dawn’s job to remember to bring the Pilgrims from her house to Thanksgiving dinner but a few months back she surprised me with a find at the thrift store. Brand new Pilgrims!
And they are mine! So now every year I can take them out of there safe place and put them on our dinner table and just smile…From our house to yours may you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! Till we meet again..Mama Carol…

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