The Land of Familiar Over And Over Again

     Good Afternoon Family! Well part of me didn’t even want to write today but I felt it may be good for the soul. And at the same time I’m sure some of you know what I am going through today. Yesterday while shopping at Micheal’s crafts I seen some shrink paper I used to make earrings in my Etsy store. Well the company had run into problems and the paper wound up being not good to use. Lo and behold I put my store on sale, didn’t take anymore orders, etc. The same thing happened about a year previously thus me having to give back hundreds in refunds and again trying to sell off stock I had. Both times I said forget it I need to go in a new direction. So yesterday what is sitting on the shelf but NEW designed shrink paper! New packaging, possibly new formula! 

     It was like this sudden burst of euphoria set in! New designs! I could renew a lot of my outs! My mind was a blur of ideas! I felt the same way the day before when I watched someones YouTube video on how well they were doing on Ebay and Poshmark. Yes I did that too. I suddenly started thinking I will only look for name brands this time! I will keep my inventory down. I won’t let it get out of control like it did last time. So I set here this morning pondering. Why? Why do I want to go back to these things that were really very time consuming other then money? When I gave up my Etsy store the last time I breathed a sigh of relief! No more toaster oven on the counter to bake the earrings. No more backs to buy or tins or kraft envelopes. With Ebay it was no more envelopes, boxes, measurements, editing. 

     But, here I stood once again with dreams of grandeur. And today I think I realized why. Familiar. You see a few years back I was given a God given dream of the path of what to do with my life. Every step was/would be layed out for me. I even seen the stadiums I would be speaking in. It was either go big or go home. I don’t like change. I don’t like new things just ask my Husband every time he wants to try somewhere new to eat. So for me it is diving into the unknown. Not knowing if I will fail. So instead of failing I would rather go kicking and screaming back to that land of familiar. I have a conference coming up in September for bloggers. A few months back I was so excited to go and said this will be the year I am going! It is the year of the Creator! 

     This morning I looked at things quite differently. Familiar started to set in. Fear, anxiety, but today I am going to push through. You see part of that dream was where the Mason Jar Mamas came from. Reaching out penning our thoughts to people we like to call “Our Family” I hope this touches someone out there. Don’t linger in that town called “Familiar” pull yourself up out of that hole. If you have a dream in your heart go for it! Until we meet again…Mama Carol

P.S. I am purchasing my Blogcon tickets this afternoon!


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  • Good for you April. Failure is just a part of being an entrepreneur and blogging is being an entrepreneur. Move out of your comfort zone and embrace failure because that's where the greatest learning happens. The key is to be persistent, never give up on your dreams.

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