The Invisible Wall

The invisible wall started to rise yesterday, it’s a constant in my life, it starts slowly just tripping me a little here and there but before I know it, I am running in place, hitting my head against the inevitable invisible wall. Call it apathy or boredom, maybe it’s a lack of motivation or faith but for some reason week 4 in every attempt I have made to lose weight has been when I’ve quit. Studies show that 88% of people who make New Years Resolutions fail and I’m willing to bet the number is the same or even higher of those who make commitments outside of New Years Eve. So how do you stop quitting? 

  • Remind yourself why you started.
  • take a small break, refocus, reassess your goals and get back on track.
  • Find an accountability partner, if you haven’t found one yet, get one, if you have one, find a new one, you can keep the old one but get someone new in on your goals, they can help you motivated.
  • Switch it up! if you’ve been doing the same thing over and over do it in a different order, or totally change it up If you’ve been walking/running for a workout try dancing instead.
  • Absolutely-Positively-DON’T GIVE UP!!

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  • April, well, first of let me say congratulation for your way of writing.. it is very nice and invite reading.. that is just great for me :-) Second, in this small article to packed much of what is essential to understand about the invisible wall that most of us at sometime get to... for certain a lot to learn from you and I look forward to read more of your articles. Your five points are so to the point and right away I resonate with them especially the first one "Remind yourself why you started." because most times we tend to forget but as you pointed out.. once we remember.. we get back the initial zest to get going again and finish what we started. Thanks so much again. _nickc

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