The Big Adventure


The other morning I was flipping through the channels and a familiar face caught my eye, Robin Williams was in the midst of an imaginary food fight with a bunch of children, HOOK Was on! This has to be one of my favorite roles that Robin played, at the end of the movie Wendy looks at Peter and says “So your adventures are over?” and without missing a beat Peter replies “No, to live. To live would be an awfully big adventure.”- this is perhaps my 2nd favorite movie quote of all time. (First being: Ohana Means FAMILY!- From Lilo & Stitch).

    Some say adventures are for the Rich, others say it’s for those without kids, and I am neither. So is there adventure for me? Yes! I Simply LIVE! While people are dreaming of adventures, laying in bed day dreaming about getting into an open air SUV and riding across the Savanna hoping to catch a short glimpse at a big cat. I AM The big cat. Pawing around the grass with sometimes with a cub in tow, slinking around the giant tree waiting for my prey to pass so I can, at just the right moment pounce and tickle him as we both fall into a fit of laughter. Other then being a safari cat, I’ve been a pirate sailing across a stormy sea, a dog  wrestling with my pup, a cat playing with a ball of yarn and even a dinosaur stomping through the jungle!

   Every day is an adventure in our house. Why just this morning we built a castle, and went fishing for piranha! I honestly can’t recall my life being so full of adventure. Even a walk around the neighborhood turns into a search for lost treasures that turn into art projects when we get back home, and it doesn’t cost a thing! So Peter was right. To live IS an awfully big adventure! Are you living?

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