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Spending A Lazy Sunday Enjoying The Florida Weather

     I was trying to think of what exactly to write today, for some unknown reason I have been getting brain block. I have tons of pictures I have taken but don’t know which ones to share first. Most of those are food but I thought I would switch it up and include some pics of our lazy Sunday day we had.  I was on the search for cookie cutters and craft ideas. Found a few craft ideas which will be upcoming when we have Family Craft Day with the family 🙂  Didn’t find my cookie cutters though, however I did find them today at the Hobby Lobby. I was absolutely in love with some of this years Santa Christmas pictures. I walk in there and imagine my house being something out of House Beautiful!  I kind of feel like most men do I think when they walk into home Depot or Lowe’s. Suddenly it’s like Bob Villa jumped into them! Or that Holmes on Holmes guy! Well I suddenly feel like I can grab some burlap ribbon and branches and make a Martha Stewart worthy wreath. Sorry to say that will not happen. That kind of crafty I am Anyway back to my pictures..Till we meet again..

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