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Save Money & Calories Making Your Own Fruit Yogurt

     Happy Monday Mason Jar Mamas Family! At last the weather has been a little cooler here. Nice to not have the air conditioner going and the doors open. And even though I love my comfort foods in the fall I know I still have to try to eat somewhat healthy. It has become more of a habit then anything but before I go to bed I have a frozen yogurt. Now this isn’t the ice cream kind it is yogurt this is regular yogurt that I have frozen as I LOVE frozen treats!
     So after looking at all of the ingredients on the regular and store brand yogurts and seeing the sugars and the processed ingredients I knew there had to be a better way as I am trying to go as organic as possible. So then I found Stonyfield organic yogurt. It is so yummy! So then I mixed in some frozen no added sugar fruit. Even better! Bought myself some 8 oz freezer containers put my yogurt and fruit in my Nutribullet and voila! Now if you don’t have a Nutribullet you can use a blender or if you let your fruit thaw somewhat you could use an immersian blender.
I add the yogurt and the fruit I want blend pour in my containers, put in the freezer  and I now have at least 6-7  8oz containers without all the added sugar and I can have as much fruit as I want. Try it out for yourself and leave a comment..we love comments 🙂  Till we meet again..Mama Carol  

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