Ridding Myself Of Bloggers Block

Day 23 of the 30 day blogging challenge and here I sit. There are mornings I wake up and know exactly what I want to write. Those are the mornings I wake up, blog, make breakfast, and even get the dishes done all before 10am, those mornings are few and far between, most mornings I saunter out of the bedroom, let the dog out, realize through sleepy eyes that my son ran outside with the dog, I call him back in, the dog runs in with him, the dog goes back out, I shut & lock the door so my little Houdini doesn’t escape again (although to be honest the locks and alarm only buy me time, seconds maybe before hes got them undone and hes off again!) and sit down at my computer , hands to the keyboard, and…….nothing…not a thought in my mind…I’m sure there was a thought last night, but I was too tired to write. Those are the times where instead of staring blankly at the screen and getting frustrated with my “bloggers block”, I cook breakfast, sit and read a book with my son, plan dinner, and just go about my day. There is no real cure for “bloggers block” but by simply going through my day, I almost always come upon something I can write about. Something I read online, something my son may have done or said, or a new recipe I may have tried for dinner, something always comes to mind, and once again I sit at my computer, and this time the words flow gracefully (and sometimes not so gracefully.) out. Comment below with your favorite way to get rid of “bloggers block”

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  • I treat my blog posts like a painting. Each combination of letters is a brush stroke. If I don't like how the brush strokes are going I change the color and maybe even use a different brush. My blank post is my canvas. I have the option to paint whatever I want. :)

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