Purple People eater poke cake

So Sunday was a family dinner night at Mama Dawns house, I wanted to bring dessert, and had been thinking of some awesome “pop” cakes. I wanted something a little different so I went for what I’m calling a Purple People Eater Poke Cake. This cake was so sweet & moist and the cool whip topping gave it a wonderful creamy finish.

1 Box of your favorite cake mix
1 Can grape soda
1 box grape jello
1 cup hot water

Mix cake mix and can of soda with whisk. Do NOT use mixer.
Pour mixed cake into 8×8 or other small baking dish.
Bake according to temperature directions on box.
Allow to cool & poke holes into cake.
Mix jello and hot water til dissolved.
Pour jello over cake. (I only used 1/2 cup, you can use more or less depending on your taste.)
Once cool frost with Cool Whip.
Store in fridge til ready to eat.

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