Princess For A Day..Doing It Disney Style..

          Hi ya’ll, Momma Dawn here!  Well, as I told you in my intro I sleep, eat and breathe all things Disney, So where was I two times in a month?  You got it Disney!  Last month we took my daughter for her Birthday and gave her a few Birthday surprises along the way. Momma Carol stayed over and watched the other Grandkids while we took Princess Jordan to Disney with us. We started in the day off with Jordan’s favorite 2 parks we let her choose. We went to Hollywood Studios, and this time actually got Dad to go on my favorite ride The Tower of Terror. He bravely put his fears aside,and went on.We were both thrilled he actually went on. Usually its just me and Jordan going on this ride. So,that was a nice treat. 
         Then my Daughter had no idea we made reservations at the  Bibbity Boppity Boutique. So we drove over to Magic Kingdom, and I had made her a tutu,and Mom had bought her a Cinderella shirt So, we went to the back & got her changed she still had no clue what was going on. They called her name, and she went back with the Fairy Godmother in training, and she got to pick out her make up colors,her hair style, and her own special crown and Mickey barrette. It took about 30 min to transform this cute little girl to a beautiful princess. She enjoyed the attention and the experience.
          After she was done, we went off to the Magic Kingdom for some more fun.Everyone was stopping her telling her how pretty she looked. Every cast member greeted her as Princess. Plus it was her Birthday, and she had her Birthday button on. Every 5 seconds was Happy Birthday Princess. She loved it. We went on a lot of rides, and ended the night with the Wishes fireworks. “Sigh”  Anyway, Back to the hotel for some much needed rest because the next day was Mom and Dads day at Epcot, our favorite park.Not to mention it was the start of the Food and Wine festival. We enjoyed just a few bites, and were ready to go, we never expected it to be so busy so we left and went back to Downtown Disney for dinner. We ate at the House of Blues. It was really good and the helpings they gave you were enormous ! We left, and came back home. Luckily we are only about 1 1/2 drive from our home away from home. 
         Last week, we as a family went back to Epcot for the day and got to enjoy walking on all the rides and enjoying much more of the food and wine as it was not nearly as busy!  We have gone the past 3 years, but this year I only got what we have not tried yet. My favorite was the Cheddar soup from Canada, hubby’s favorite was the lamb from Australia. We had a much nicer time with less crowds.Though by the time we went to Animal Kingdom then Epcot the walking got the best of me. I think I am actually getting too old for  12-14 hrs Disney days..I am pushing 40,but I will get me a Segway, skateboard. lol or whatever it takes to get me around my second home. Will be back to tell you more of our many adventures! As they say in Disney “Have a Magical Day” If anyone would like any tips,tricks, info, whatever, I am your girl to go to:O)

    Momma Dawn

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