Post Christmas Blues


So I originally wrote this yesterday (January 1st.) However between a rambunctious 2 year old, and being totally exhausted I forgot to actually post it. So here it is. I’ll be posting another later, so keep your eyes out, you get a double dose of Mason Jar Mamas Today!

IT’S 2015 The first day of the new year. The decorations have been removed from the tree, the lights are shining their last time, and the garland and snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and giving off their last little glints of caught light before then go into the storage containers awaiting to be joyously strung up again next Thanksgiving (yes we start our Christmas decorating the day after Thanksgiving.), When I go into bed tonight Hallmark will be showing old sitcoms instead of Christmas movies and honestly I’m about in tears.

Though I don’t think there is any REAL professional diagnosis out there, I suffer from a slight depression after Christmas. I call it PCB or Post Christmas Blues. Christmas is my favorite time of year, the excitement in the air, the joy on Kids faces, patiently waiting for the night Santa makes his visit, family gathered around, and heartfelt gifts being passed along, the whole season is magical. We go from brightly colored lights, shiny tinsel, and Santa’s in the yard waving hello to everyone who passes  to darkened doorsteps that seem ominous to anyone who even dare look their way. 
Where does the Magic go? Is there a way to keep it all year round?

Do you any of you suffer from the Post Christmas Blues? What are some ways you combat the depression or sadness that comes from un-decorating and the closing of the Christmas season? I’m thinking of doing some Valentines day decorating. Red Garland, White Lights & Pink Hearts may be cute! And arranging some RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) to spread some love 🙂

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