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Our Number One Tip For Surviving Black Friday

The #1 Tip for survivng Black Friday

Black Friday. For some it’s a much dreaded day and for others it’s a Holiday Holy Day! No matter how you feel about this shoppers day of deals there are less then merry memories that take place. Between the pushing and shoving, standing in line in the freezing cold (or heat, if you are from Florida.), Standing in line for hours only to find out the store only has 3 of the $199 laptops in stock, then having to stand in line again to put the stuff on layaway or check out so your can bring your door buster deals home this bargin bonanza can leave you feeling less like a jolly elf and more like a grinch. And lets face it, getting up super early (or not even going to bed) can lead to a long Friday full of grumpy parents, who have very little patients for their kids who thanks to seeing Santa in the Thanksgiving Day Parade are VERY aware that Christmas is on it’s way and are full of Holiday excitement.

So instead of dealing with the crowds , the lines, and the fatigue, stay warm and comfy in your pj’s and SHOP FROM HOME! Many stores offer their Black Friday sales online, and in some cases offer even better deals on Cyber Monday. Most places will also offer free shipping either to your home or site to store. 
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