Oriental Mandarin Chicken In A Jar…Yummy

     Hi Mason Jar Family! I started making lunches in a jar about a year or so ago. I find it is so much easier to reach in the fridge and just take out a jar, pour it in a bowl or plate and voila! Quick lunch! I will be listing a few different recipes within the next few days of mason jar recipes. It is relatively easy to put together and most are quite low in calories. No need to use a vacuum sealer and they can stay in the fridge for up to a week. So if you are looking for something to help keep you on track or just something to make a quick lunch try out making some jars of this wonderful Mandarin salad. Be sure to layer it in the jar as listed otherwise you will have a soggy salad.I use quart size mason jars.You can double or triple the recipe so you will have lunch for a few days. Enjoy…Till we meet again..Mama Carol

Start layering your items as followed:
2 Tbsp light honey Dijon dressing
3 oz sauteed chicken breast cut into pieces
1/2 cup mandarin orange slices in light syrup or in it’s own juice
2 cups chopped lettuce (you can add some fresh spinach leaves too if you would like)
1/4 cup dry chow mein noodles (add these after salad is on plate do not refrigerate otherwise they will get soft in the fridge)
After you have layered all of your ingredients just screw the top on and put in your fridge until ready to eat. Only 330 calories per jar!

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