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On The Menu Tonight..Crockpot Pineapple Orange Kielbasa

     Happy Thursday Family! I made it before midnight so I’m still good.Well tonight’s crockpot meal was another score! I’m starting to feel a little Rachel Rayish
This was another meal I prepared on Saturday put it in the freezer, took it out this morning poured in the crockpot, ok so not exactly poured as it was frozen together but you get the just of it..But before I put the lid on it I had planned on having this over rice. Well them Mama Dawn said I would have it over sweet potatoes. 
     Hmmm that got me thinking yeah sweet potatoes so that’s what it was. So before the lid went on I put 3 small raw sweet potatoes in with the mix. Then the lid went on to cook for 6 hours on low. It was delicious! Did I mention I am liking this once a week cooking thing? Anyway here is the recipe.I kind of broke it down as well to give you approximate calorie counts..
If you are making as a freezer meal in a Ziploc freezer bag place the following:
1 ring of turkey kielbasa (cut into slices)
1 can pineapple chunks in 100% pineapple juice
1 cup mandarin oranges in light syrup
1/2 cup orange juice
Zip and place in freezer..
Cook on low for 4 hours if you partially thawed..Cook for 6 hours if totally frozen..4 hours on low if your just making the recipe without freezing it.
This recipe serves 3 and has approximately 320 calories per serving and 22 grams of protein.
If you add the 3 small sweet potatoes like I did that will bring the calorie content up to approximately 375 calories per serving and 23 grams of protein. Enjoy!

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