Of Teeth & Toothfairies

Morning! Mama April here. We had a special visitor visit us last night. The Tooth Fairy came for my sons first lost tooth.

It’s both an exciting and a little bit of a sad milestone for me, it means he’s growing up.

Sad because, well it means he’s not so much a baby anymore (though he will always be MY baby.) But in this growing there is so much to look forward to, and so many more firsts to explore together.

See for those that don’t know the story, there was once a time when I believed I wouldn’t be able to have these moments, I was told when I was young that I may not be able to have kids, and after being married and TTC for 2 years it started to become evident that the doctor was right, until that day when I saw 2 little pink lines appear on the pregnancy test.

Maybe, if the Lord allows there will be another baby in our lives at some point, but for now I will embrace this time of growing for both my son and I.




My little growing boy.

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