Not The Apron I had In Mind

     Hi I’m Mama Dawn. I know I will be doing recipes, kids crafts ect but first I wanted to talk a little about me.I wasn’t always chunky, from about 6th grade,I started packing on the pounds..I maintained 160 lbs for years,then I had my kids, one by one the weight just added and added on. Now here I sit with an apron I never knew would be so big.Honestly,I think I have the opposite of body dismorphic disease, I have never seen myself as that big,until I look at pictures of myself.
      Today I was sitting on my bed, and looked in my mirror, I seen my apron was now spilling over the top.Not the best site to see. All I could think in my head was seeing those people on tv that were confined to there beds. A wave of horror went through my mind, as I am headed in that direction. I remember growing up I was always surrounded by food. Butter would always be sitting on the table
at my aunts houses.Crackers with  butter, or buttered rolls were always available. There were parties all the time,we came together every week at my grandmas house, for dinner, there was always Entemanns on the top of the fridge,most times she would tell us it was no good, secretly, I think my grandma was saving it for herself. lol. We are a food family, we all love our food.
      We are starting this mason jar thing for people who feel just like we do. We all love food, we all need food in our  bodies to survive,we are learning how to eat to live, not live to eat,and its hard.  I ain’t gonna lie the journey sucks! Its not fun, it make you mad, and upset,the body does not like to go without. I have never really gone on a quote, unquote diet, but I have watched what I was eating,and exercised. My downfall is potatoes. Any kind, fried,baked,french fries, hash browns,
      Night time is the worst!!! I get this furry ravenous little beast inside me that makes my tummy growl, and eat whatever is not nailed. So,this is why I am here…to get into that real fitting Apron that I see in my mind. I hope to touch lives,and see others who are in my same boat connect with someone.People are so busy these days doing nothing, but there always busy, sometimes we just need something uplifting,or someone in our side of the court for once, someone who says hey..that sounds just like me. 
      Welcome to my crazy life…that of a Stay at home mom,that of of a home maker,that of the  mom of 2 teens, 1 princess,and a silly little 4 year old. You will get to know my other love, my other addiction but that is another story. So Stay tuned 🙂

My future Apron

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