National Food Safety Month

It’s National Food Safety Month. No one likes getting sick, especially when it’s something that can be avoided. Many food borne illnesses can be stopped in their tracks with 4 super easy steps.

1. WASH- Wash everything, bacteria can quickly spread from your food to your hands, to anything else you may touch. Be sure to wash hands, cutting boards, utensils, and even your produce to stop those little buggers from spreading

2. SEPARATE- When washing, storing, and cooking keep foods stored separately. To avoid cross contamination keep things law raw meat and fish away from ready to eat foods, and produce.

3.COOK- Cooking foods to the correct temperatures help kill off any harmful bacteria, if you are unsure if it’s the right temp, use a thermometer. 

4. Refrigerate- Quickly store any uneaten foods in the fridge to keep them at the right temperature. Refrigeration slows bacteria growth and keeps you from getting sick.

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