Meet The Mamas

Mama Carol


Hi..I’m Mama Carol…I am the mother of 2 girls (who are part of the Mason Jar Mama team) married to the love of my life for 38 years.Have a chihuahua named Tyke and the Mom Mom of 5 wonderful Grandchildren. 4 boys and one girl so you know who the Princess is! My hobbies are crafting, cooking, and being with my family. My real passion though is photography. I have been an avid photographer since I won my first Instamatic camera in a raffle when I was 9 years old. You will be seeing lots and lots of my pictures. I am really looking forward to connecting with people all over the world and introducing them to my family. We do a lot with mason jars, however some days it may be a story or 2, or some days a craft idea..At the present time I am on a weight loss journey and I love to juice so I will be doing a lot of low calorie, gluten free and of course juice recipes. Whatever it may be I hope you can join us. Put your feet up, grab a glass of iced tea and sit a spell cause we are fixin to                                                                                                   give you some great ideas!

Mama Dawn


I am a momma of 4, I have been married to my best friend for 16 yrs. I do lots of artsy things,and I owe that to my inspiration in life my grandma.She showed me how to put together something from nothing in her little shed,I remember as a child sitting with her,watching in awe as she made her crafts,and actually got paid to make them.That set me for when I was older,grandma is gone now,but her legacy still lives in me with my love for crafts,and art. I love doing all kinds of crafts,my favorite being in clay.I also love making jewelry. I love all things Disney,I am a Disney addict,If you ever need any info about Disney,tips,tricks,and fun,just ask me!!!

Mama April


Hi! I’m a Super proud mama of a veggie loving  1 1/2 year old little boy and wife to an awesome husband. I’m a work at home mom so I have the pleasure of being a happy home maker. I love to cook. I can take a few simple ingredients and turn it into something awesome. I love to craft and decorate. Christmas is my favorite time of year, There is something so magical about the lights, the decorations and the anticipation in the air is just electric.