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Hi! Welcome to Mason Jar Mamas, maybe you are new here or maybe you’ve been around for a bit but never really quite figured out what we are all about. Now is your chance to learn.

1.Who Are The Mason Jar Mamas? Long story short. We are 3 Mamas, who all happen to be Related. Mama Carol is mom to Mama Dawn & Mama April, who both have families of their own. Want to know more? Visit our about page to find out more about each one of us. Though we are family there are times we view the world much differently. Mama Carol is venturing into a vegan lifestyle, Mama April is trying to approach life as a Whole Life Unschooler, and Mama Dawn is A Disney Fanatic!

2. Are all the recipes you post yours? Most of them are yes! While we may get inspired by something we see online, most of the time all we do is see a photo or a few ingredients and then just go and make it. There have been several times a meal has come out fantastic but it’s never been talked about or posted because we can’t even remember the exact ingredients or measurements. If we do use someone else’s recipe, we will always link back to the original and give them credit.

3. What do the Mason Jar Mamas Blog post about? Anything, but for the most part we are a Parenting blog. We tend to blog about things that relate to being a mom & things for kids. Recipes, memory making, crafts,ect.

Any other questions for the Mason Jar Mamas? comment below or Visit us over on facebook and ask on our wall!

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  • I love the idea of a FAQ page! You mentioned that you post about parenting, crafts, etc, but I haven't been able to find anything about these topics. I did see the recipe section which is great. I will definitely have to give a few of those a try. Where on your site can I find those other topics' posts? Thanks!
    • I haven't quite figured out how to put posts into categories yet! But they are there,Thanks for reminding me about this important step!
  • Hi, April. I'm always in search of great recipes and home tips that I can try out. I look forward to hearing more about the Mason Jar Mamas. Sounds like my kind of gals!

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