Making Fluffy Egg Burrito’s With a Secret Ingredient…


     Hi Family! Today we are making breakfast burrito’s. I actually promised my Grandson months ago I would make him some so he can just heat and eat on his way to work. Well I finally got to it (truth be told the chickens have been on a laying spree and I had an over abundance of eggs so had to do something with them) so anyway…
So a few years back someone who worked for a famous food chain known for pancakes..hint…hint..told me the secret for the fluffiest scrambled eggs ever. So what is this secret additive?  I have been told in the past try baking soda, use an immersion blender, water instead of milk, condensed milk, etc, etc, well I have tried all those however never got the consistency or flavor I was looking for. But when I tried what this cook told me it was pure magic! I was dancing around my kitchen singing the praises..(Ok a little drama added in there. But they did turn out good..
The secret? Pancake mix. And you don’t even need that much of it. I use complete mix that you just add water too. If I’m making eggs just for my Husband and I, I only use about 2-3 Tbsp if I’m making a batch like I needed for the burrito’s I used a 1/4 cup and they came out wonderfully! With some extra food items breakfast burritos were being rolled..  Here is the list of ingredients I used..
15 eggs

1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup complete pancake mix
Mix until no lumps appear in your mix and eggs are blended. Spray your pan with non-stick spray.  Cook on medium heat making sure to keep turning and mixing in the pan.  And then turn down as your eggs start cooking as you don’t want to cook them to fast or too high of heat.  When your eggs are done put them in a bowl until they cool down enough to work with them.
I then had a package of 12 tortillas (Purchased from Dollar Tree Yes! Dollar Tree!)
10 sausage links
1/2 to 1 cup frozen spinach (depends if you like it) note: I did thaw the spinach
1/4 cup blended cheese (I used Mexican blend)
Open your package of tortillas fill with a few Tbsp of cooked eggs, add a sausage link (I added them frozen) grab a pinch of cheese, and a few Tbsp spinach. Roll up and start again. I put 2 each in a freezer bag. Now when I get up I pop one in the microwave for about a minute & a half and I am ready to go. Cost was around 6.00. Can’t beat that for breakfast for the next 6-12 days depending on whether you eat 1-2…Enjoy!

For A Step By Step Video Visit: Our YouTube Channel

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