Making A Memory Jar For Teachers On The Cheap..

     Hello Family! Welcome to a new week! Well before you know it the kids will be out of school for the summer but before they do you know what is going to be said…Drumroll…I need to get a gift for my Teacher!!! Well that’s not bad if you have only 1 child and 1 teacher. However with a lot of school’s today there are lots of different Teacher’s for different subjects which can add up to a lot of presents. Also adding up to a lot of money! 
     So off to the Dollar store I went. I remember a while ago seeing survival jars, I decided to make a memory jar. Now realize you can put whatever you want in your jar. Most of the items I got at the Dollar store were in packages and I broke them up so you can get 3-5 jars or more out of each packaged item. (I may note some stores do sell mason jars if not you can get 12 of them at Walmart for 9.00) I them found a cute little chalkboard clipart on and put the teachers name on it. Any gift tag will work though 🙂  I did type in very tiny letters on printer paper what was in the jar and taped it to the back of the tag.
     I also found some jar lids I had chalk painted some time ago and thought that would be a cute addition.Do not fret if you do not have one, scrapbook paper works just as well. Plan a craft night with your kids and let them come up with some of there own ideas on what they want to put in the jars..Have fun! Here is a list of what I used:
Cocoa: For a well deserved break
Tissues: To wipe away tears
Mints: Because you are worth a mint to parent’s
Pen: To write down your class memories
Seeds: For the seeds of knowledge you have sown
Candle: For when you are burning the candle at both ends
Band-Aids: For if things get rough
Starburst: To give you a burst of energy when you need it
Eraser: For life’s little mistakes
Paper clips: To keep it all together
Puzzle Piece: Without you the class would not have been complete
Safety Pins: For life’s little emergencies
Feel free to add your own:)

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