It’s been hot here in Sunny Florida! Our sprinkler had broken and my son was desperate to have some water fun. He tried spraying the hose in the air, but he couldn’t hold the hose and play, but then MAMA TO THE RESCUE! I remembered I had picked up a pool noodle from the dollar store. I Grabbed our bright orange foam noodle and crumbled a large plastic bag in one end and covered it with some duct tape, making sure to create multiple layers so no water would be able to leak out, I think grabbed a pair of scissors and started making holes down one side of the noodle every couple inches. Inserted the end of the hose, and Viola! In about 5 minutes and for less the the cost of a cup of coffee I was able to create a sprinkler that my 3 year old was thrilled about! I will say that the hose didn’t fit snugly into the noodle, which I’m sure I could have fixed with duct tape but I wanted to be able to remove the hose when we were done, so the water spray wasn’t too high, a couple inches at least, but it was perfect for my son. I also started toying around with the idea of using something like this when I get my garden going and by allowing the pool noodle to stay in the garden and when it was time to water the plants I could simply hook it up to the hose for a bit. I may be worth a try.

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