Jambo : World Hello Day

World Hello Day!
HELLO!! Perhaps one of the simplest things to say, but it also holds a lot of power. A friendly hello has the power to transform someones day. There is power in connecting with people. “Hello” tells people they are acknowledged, cared about, and that they matter. Extending yourself out to someone with a hello is going outside of yourself and focusing,even just for a moment on them instead of you, and this can be groundbreaking. Think about all the valueable relationships you have in your life, they all started (most likely) with a “Hello”

Everyday we have a choice, we can stop our “Hello” at speaking out and being present to and with others or we can go the extra mile and stop and say “Hello” to ourselves, by turning off the electronics (which we should also do when extending a hello to others.), finding a quiet place, and taking some time for you.Saying “Hello” to YOU is just as important as you saying “Hello” to everyone else, so never feel bad for taking the time to reconnect and say Hi.

So do us a favor and stop on by our facebook and say HELLO.

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