It’s Freebie Friday! And If It’s Free It’s For Me!

     I as a mom of 4 have to be so frugal with the little income we have so anywhere we can cut in and save money I am all for it! So I started a long time ago with emailing companies and telling them about there products. I do 5 a week. Now an email only takes 2 minutes times that by 5  so 10 min a week out of my day to email 5 different companies. Just look in your pantry or closet and pick 5 companies.  have received so many freebies and coupons sent my way just by doing this! I also sign up for whatever freebies are available through the week! Just this week I have received: Shapes magazine, Sport Illustrated, Prilosec otc sample, 15.00 in baby formula coupons, I got tampons, pads, Kierig samples, and more.
      My favorite feebie was from Kierig.I got a sample from them, then a week later I got a 4 pk, then just last week I received an entire box!! Freebies4mom is one of my favorite sites to go! But there are many more it just may take a little time to find them. However it is worth it!
If you have any questions about getting freebies..just ask ..Momma Dawn
These are just some of the items I have received for free!!!

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