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It’s fall!! This always tends to be the most exciting time of year for the Mason Jar Mama family. The weather starts to cool down, we start spending more time outside, pumpkin spice everything is introduced and if you ask us, Autumn foods taste best! Last year Mama Carol created a Friday freebie printable for those that love fall!! It was so loved by our readers I wanted to feature it again!  Frame it, use as wallpaper, gift tags, ect..Whatever you choose just please don’t resell it..Enjoy!

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  • I love the smell of this time of year. People here in England start lighting their fires and the early evening air fills with their scent. Bonfires to look forward to, toffee apples and nights in snuggled by the fire. Perfect.
  • I love autumn! I'm also in the UK and just last night I could smell that fragrant evening fireplace aroma - lovely. Must explore some pumpkin recipes this autumn..enjoy!

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