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I is for ICE CREAM

The weather is getting warmer and that excited me because I can finally put my dessert bullet to use! I got it for Christmas and it’s only been out of the cabinet 3-4 times, but no more. I’m thinking of giving that amazing little machine an honorary place on the counter top. Move over coffee maker, there are more amazing things coming to fill your place! At the first sign of warmth, and a craving for lemon (yes I’m on a lemon kick again) I whipped this little baby up. This recipe is for one serving, so if you want more you can double or triple the recipe.

1/2 c frozen Lowfat stonyfield vanilla yogurt,
1/4 c frozen strawberries, and 
1/2 packet true lemon lemonade mix

I freeze my yogurt in 1/2 cup servings in a muffin tin for easy use.
I let everything sit on the counter for about 15 minutes and was able to cut it into a few pieces.
I then sprinkled the yogurt with the lemonade mix and put the strawberries and yogurt in my machine. It turned out amazing!

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