How to Happy

This morning as I opened my eyes, I felt it, that feeling in the base of my neck, the knot in the pit of my stomach, every hair on my body seemingly standing on edge. The good morning hug & kiss from my 6 year old felt like a million needles touching my skin. “Not Today!” I though to myself as I got out of the bed, but I expected it, I had been able to feel it coming last night, that over whelming feeling of being out of control of my world, the looming thoughts that everything in my life was going wrong.- This is anxiety.


While I know, that there is no way to simply “Snap out of it” (Believe me I’ve tried) here are a few things that make it a little more bearable for me:

  • Take a shower- It sounds like a no brainer, but honestly, between you and I there have been times where it’s been a week between showers for me, I get too overwhelmed, too lazy, too busy doing everything for others, and sometimes just forget to shower…But when I do I make it a good one- I shower til the hot water runs out, letting the water wash over me and visualize
  • Eat Healthy- When I’m in what I call “Anxiety Mode”- I crave junk food, but I also know it makes me feel like crap, extra sugars cause sugar rushes and then the crash, so try to fill your day with healthy snacks.
  • Dance- Put on your headphones, or turn up the tunes as loud as the neighbors will allow and get moving- moving like this creates endorphins that help flood your brain with that “feeling good” feeling. 
  • Watch a movie/read a book- give in and take time to be lazy, grab your favorite beverage and a snack, and curl up on the couch or in your bed, and go to a different world for a while.
  • Take a nap- Sometimes sleep can be your best escape, even for just a little while, it allows your body and brain to relax and heal.
  • Cry- I’m convinced that crying helps us heal, sometimes I’ll combined watching a movie with a good cry and get the river of tears flowing, I almost always feel the pressure of weight on my chest lift after crying.

*So many Self – Care lists, contain so much “cutesy” extra stuff, which is great when you have the time and energy to do those things, but lets be honest- sometimes it’s a little too much- If I can’t get myself to shower, I surely don’t have the energy to do my nails, enjoy special bath bombs, or any thing “extra”- those things usually happen on my better days.*

What kind of things do you do to help you find happy?


2 thoughts on “How to Happy”

  • When i can put my headphones in and crank the music up after my kids have gone to sleep. And for the time being i can just hear the music and let it flood the thoughts that my mind cant quiet on its own. And i can either can some needed work done or just enjoy me time.

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