Hillsong Kids Can You Believe It!? Songs of Truth – DVD Review

We’ve been searching for a way to start our day with a little more Jesus, and this DVD fit that missing piece perfectly. No more having to search youtube videos for our favorite praise & worship songs, we just popped this DVD in and got our praise on! Current favorites like “Oceans (where my feet may fail)” mix with songs that quickly became new favorites like “This is Living” gave us time for dancing and time to slow down and reflect on Jesus. The high energy praise in this DVD kept my 6 year old and I going the whole 25 minute run time.

Songs include:

  • I Give You My Hallelujah
  • Ask Seek Knock
  • Who You Say I Am
  • My Best Friend
  • Voices of Freedom
  • Oceans (Where My Feet May Fail)
  • And 7 More!!


While you may know Hillsong for their Adult worship albums- they also love kids! Bringing biblical truth to the new generation “Can You Believe It?” helps parents and kids connect with God and then ask the world around them Can YOU believe it? Jesus Christ Is Lord!!!


Grab your own copy or listen on itunes and spotify  by clicking here!


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