Hey Pumpkin Welcome Mat- Dollar Tree DIY

It never seems to fail that just when I think we have the finances to spend a bit more and buy some new decorations, something happens and that extra money I thought we’d have has to go somewhere else- however this misfortune usually leads me down creative roads, and I wind up creating things that I love more then anything I’ve bought.


My latest creation was this “Hey Pumpkin” Welcome mat made with supplies from Dollar Tree – My money saving haven!



Welcome Mat

Glitter Glue in your choice of color/colors

Stencils (you can also freehand)


I couldn’t find stencils with images or fonts that I liked or that weren’t crazy prices, so I decided to make my own with some clear sticker paper and my cricut.


After popping out my stencil I placed it where I thought it looked best- in this case the lower right hand corner.

Now that I had my stencil in place I took my glitter glue and simply filled in the letters and my little pumpkin cut out.

I waited about 5 minutes before carefully and slowly removing my stencil and set the mat aside to dry for about 24hrs before using.


*It seemed to be taking forever for my glitter glue to try, so in an attempt to make it dry faster I got out my heat gun, which quickly started to melt the mat- Keep the heat away and let it dry naturally.*

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