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How’s your heart? Feburary is American Heart Month. How do you keep your heart healthy??
In addition to a diet full of whole, non proccessed foods, studies have shown that regular physical activity helps lower colestrol as well as stress, and helps to control weight. Don’t push too hard, even starting out with 10 minutes a day is enough to get you on the road to a healthy heart.

Not sure what foods help a healthy heart?
Brown Rice
& Green Tea 
And thats just a short list! Most all whole foods are heart healthy! Let’s forget about the pizza,wings, chips & dips we all enjoyed yesterday and get back on track to a healthy heart!!

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  • I love all of the foods above, so great news there. Sadly, there are some naughty foods that slip into my diet a little too often! Great list.
  • Good reminder! Heart conditions kill a lot of people mostly as a result of our lifestyle. I find quite tricky to get away from processed food, so practical and quick! But slowly I'm changing my diet for better... :-)
  • Paul Pitchford, is Author of 'Healing with Wholefoods' and writes about healing the heart. (The book was recommended to me as 'one man's life's work. It's a huge tome and I've only ever dipped in here and there. Looking again now, it's always an interesting read.) The points below are important in maintaining a healthy heart. To have healthy kidneys/spleen-pancreas/lungs and/or liver balanced can cure blood and fluid deficiencies to the heart. In other words, we need to look after those other areas of our bodies to keep our hearts healthy. He says that the condition of the heart is reflected in the awareness of our spoken words. By improving our awareness of our speech, we strengthen our heart, the scattered mind and its spirit can be collected and organised through mindful speech patterns through prayer, meditation, devotional singing, mantras (and chanting) affirmations and silent contemplation on uplifting images. Acupuncuture to point B1 15 is calming to the heart and the spirit. He says that the focus - to keep a healthy heart - should be on improving the 'yin' of the heart. Ways to achieve this are: A simple diet, occasional light fasting and avoid food habits that 'scatter the mind or overheat the body" (which depletes the yin fluids). He writes that too many ingredients in a meal, very spicy or rich foods, refined sugar, alcohol, coffee, late night eating and large evening meals are negative factors in maintaining a balanced body. Foods that reduce nervousness, treat insomnia and improve mental focus by quieting the spirit and helping it stay centred in the heart: * Oyster Shell (can be eaten in the form of 'oyster-shell calcium' which you can buy as a nutritional supplement from health stores apparently). * Grains: (whole wheats, brown rice and oats). * Mushrooms: Poria cocos, a common Chinese herb is used to settle nerves and improve fluid balance. * Silicon Foods: Oatstraw tea, barley gruel, oat groat tea, cucumber, celery, lettuce and celery/lettuce juice. They all improve calcium metabolism and strengthen nerve and heart tissue. * Fruit: Mulberries and lemons calm the mind. (Mulberries are the stronger of the two.) Shisandra berries are prescribed in Chinese herbology for insomnia and to aid memory recall and concentration, amongst other things. * Seeds: Jujube seeds, another Chinese remedy for calming the spirit; they are thought to directly nourish the heart. Chia seeds also have a sedative action. * Spices: Dill and Basil can be used in both food and teas for their calming effect. * Herbs: Chamomile is good for insomnia. * Animal Products: Quality cow and goat milk and clarified butter (ghee) nourish the spirit of the heart in those who can tolerate them. Magnesium allow calcium to function properly in the tissues of the heart and nerves. Magnesium is virtually lost in the milling of grains and refining of foods, but it is rich in green foods. People who eat a carbohydrate based diet of quality whole foods are invariably calm, rarely depressed and able to sleep soundly. All factors in maintaining a healthy heart. More 'food' for thought? :-)
  • Thanks for that - I recently started to take a walk every day and have been eating super healthily since 2nd Jan. Not one crip, wing, chocolate or chip! Lots of goodness instead and feeling so much better for it!

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