H is for Happiness Helpers


Ok so you caught me, this isn’t really a “recipe” per say, but I couldn’t help sharing these (not to mention I couldn’t find an H recipe!) These are great to hang on to and pass out, especially when you don’t carry cash and still want to offer some kind of help.

One box of gallon size storage bags
50 Styrofoam cups we put 2 in each bag. 
1 container of powdered creamer that we separated into 25 little bags
1 jar of coffee that we separated into 25 little bags
1 box 100 ct sugar packs (4 in each cup)
25 plastic spoons
2 boxes of Cascadian farms Granola cereal which I mixed with a container of raisins and made a granola mix then separated into 25 bags.
5 packs of 5 razors
5 packs of 8 ct tissues
3 packs of 10 combs
 2 packs of 40 ct wipes (2 each)
3 packs of 10 ct toothbrushes
1 box of 100 band-aids (4 each)
1 pack of 100 safety pins (4 each)
1 card with Hubby’s name & number (He is a Pastor) Sometimes you just need someone to talk too. 

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