Grandma’s Snacks For the Road Box

     Happy Saturday everybody! I hope everyone is enjoying there weekend! I know there are lots of Harvest Fests going on and trunk or treats which by the way is what I am doing tonight. Well I’m not exactly doing it but I am taking my grandson and daughter and meeting up with the rest of the family there. We usually have a nice time and the kids really score without having to ring all the doorbells. I don’t know if they have trunk or treats everywhere? Well if your not familiar with it what people do is park in a row or in a huge circle. With everyone’s trunk facing you. They decorate the trunks with lights and decorations and fill it with candy. Then the kids are usually given a bag at the beginning and they walk along the cars and receive their treats. The kids love it! Anyway I had seen a few weeks back someone took a divided craft box and filled it with snacks.
     Well I decided to make one for roadtrips. One of the things I was concerned about though was having anything sticky in it with the Florida heat. Well I think I lucked out when I was adding in the snacks because it has been in the car now in 95 + degrees for a week now and everything is still crunchy and nothing is sticky. Yay! I have to say Ryan absolutely loves it! In fact as soon as we get in the car he starts looking around for it! So I am showing you how you can make your own. Enjoy! Till we meet again..Mama Carol
Start with a clear plastic craft box whatever size you choose…
I made my template on the computer. You can do what you wish. Use scrapbook paper, have your child draw or color ect..
I just traced around the bottom of the craft box to give me where to cut to fit the template into the lid.
Tape your photo into the top and start filling. If you are going to have the box in the heat be careful with any sugary snacks. I tried to use non-sugared snacks as shown.
The finished product! Voila! Enjoy!

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