Going BaNaNaS


My house smells like a jungle, or at least what I imagine a jungle to smell like. I think it smells like bananas but I am more then likely WAY Off, that’s ok, it’s MY Jungle and it can smell however I’d like it to 🙂 This past week I was blessed with an over abundance of bananas, and not wanting them to go to waste I did the next best thing, I went to pinterest and tried to find banana recipes. I found a few favorite and spent my morning and into the afternoon baking with my own little monkey helping me of course!

 If you’ve got a bunch of bananas and you are looking for something to do with them here is a recipe roundup for everything I made today. Click on the picture to go to the site for the recipe!

My finished products look delicious! We had the pancakes for lunch with a little peanut butter drizzled on top. Oh and before I go, an added tip: cut or mash up your bananas and freeze them, you can use them for recipes that call for mashed bananas later on. Leave a message in the comments below with your favorite way to use over ripe bananas!

Oh and BTW: It’s 30 Day Challenge Blog #7! I made it a week! 

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  • Hi April Looks like your assistant baker was very absorbed in his activities! I have only used fruit and unrefined sweeteners for years (palm sugar, honey etc) and don't bake much, but it looks like lots of fun! (I don't even use bananas often - boo hoo - they were my one of my fave fruits but now they are only for special treats ;-)
  • April, Hi. Enjoyed reading about the way you use overripe bananas. I must admit, I usually throw them away. I like your suggestion to freeze them, but I would really prefer to freeze them before they get too ripe. Warmly, Dr. Erica

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