Gluten Free & Low Sugar! Caulipower Pizza A Pizza I Can Eat!

Hello Family! So a few weeks back I was wandering into my grocery store and they had a sign that they were doing free sugar testing. A little apprehensive at first but then figured what the heck. Well it wasn’t good news. My sugar was up in the 300’s  346 to be exact and I didn’t even eat yet.  She said you need to get to the Dr as soon as possible. I don’t really like going to Doctors and I don’t like pills or medicines. So I decided on that day my life would change.

No more cookies, candy, cakes, soda, chips, bread and pasta would be limited to maybe once a week. (That was a killer) I grew up with an Italian Step-Dad. So we loved pasta! So I am closing in on my 3rd week. I am down 9 pounds. The first full week my sugar was in the 220-270 range. The second week I was in the 150-170 range. I’m getting there. I try to keep my carbs low as well so they don’t turn into sugar. So as I was wandering through Walmart I seen this! Caulipower Pizza! Gluten Free, only 2 grams of sugar, 16 grams of protein 37 carbs but it serves 2. Wait what! You mean 1/2 this pie is mine? With only 2 grams of sugar! and 37 carbs? So in my cart it went. And the next week so did another. Gonna try the Veggie next.

Its actually pretty good. My Hubby eats it so it must rank pretty good on a scale of 1-10 he gave it a 7 so that’s saying something.  So if your looking for a replacement try it out. You won’t be sorry.  Y’all come back tomorrow and see whats cooking or crafting….Mama Carol


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