Find Your Happy…Happy…Happy…


I was washing dishes and every so often glancing up at the T.V this evening when a commercial came on for a well known buffet chain came on over the airwaves, tempting images of delicious wings, ribs dripping with BBQ sauce, and butter melting tantalizingly on a hot yeast roll flashed across the screen, I’ve seen this commercial about 100 times if not more, and I always find myself enamored with the food. For me commercials like this are the equivalent of pornography, they pervert my relationship with food. They tempt me to give up the healing natural and healthy foods the nourish my body for foods that taste good for the moment, but do little more the make my mouth do a happy dance for a short time and then spiral me into days of guilt, shame, and the feeling of defeat. However this time something else caught my eye….

The tag line at the end of the commercial that said “Find Your Happy.” and for a moment I thought ” Oh yeah wings, ribs, hot buttered rolls, cotton candy, and chocolate fountains ARE my happy!” Which is exactly what this company intended to make me think. As I thought about it more, I shook my head and realized that my thoughts weren’t true. While I enjoy their food, in the end it really doesn’t make me happy. So that lead me to start thinking more, “What Makes Me Happy?” I started to list all the things that TRULY make me happy…My husband…my family…God…when just the right song comes on the radio at just the right time… I am putting myself to a challenge this week to find 7 things every day that make me happy, and I want to encourage you to do the same..Sometimes taking a few moments to “Find Your Happy” can change your world. Let me know…What’s your happy?

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