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Good evening Mason Jar family!!

As some of you know we collab with a company Known as FlyBy Promotions that has been such a blessing! Between books, bible, and devotionals that have helped me help connect my 6 year old to Jesus, to music that brings me closer to God. So when the invitation to review these beautiful journals by Worthy Publishing came across our e-mail we jumped at the opportunity! All opinions are honest, and our own.

We are full into fall! How did that happen? It seems like only a week or so ago we were just getting into summer! As I get older the time seems to pass quicker, so I’ve been trying to my best to become more mindful of my time and where and how it’s spent. And one thing I’ve gotten more and more into recently was different art mediums. Markers, water color , and even digital art,So when I was given the chance to review some art journals I got a little more excited then most people probably should.

I checked the mailbox daily, waiting, impatient, like a kid at Christmas, and when the box finally came it was like the heavens opened and the angels sang- ok maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but I was excited. I got back into the car and opened the box to show Mama Carol and wow! I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting, but honestly, I wasn’t expecting anything like this! The pictures I was sent did these journals no justice, and that was just the covers!

When I got home I set aside some time to explore the books more thoroughly and was able to admire them even more. Each one capturing the Spirit and beauty of God so uniquely.

At first glance even though they had different covers, I had assumed they were all the same or close to it, I figured each one would be your basic journal format sprinkled with scripture at the bottom of the page and maybe some blank space for some personal art, but I was oh so wrong!


Lets start with the Faith & Lettering Journal-
If you’ve ever had an interest in making your journaling, and want to take your journaling to beautiful new heights, this journal was created just for you! Some of my favorite things about Faith & Lettering-

⦁ Hard cover- just throw in your bag and go. I don’t have to worry about ruined pages, or a bent up book, I’m admittedly kind rough on books, so having a journal with a hard cover is a definite plus!
⦁ Elastic pen holder- This in my opinion is THE BEST feature! I wish all journals, notebooks, and even regular books would have this! No searching for a pen/marker or other writing instrument it’s strapped down nice and tight right where you need it.
⦁ Clear art instructions- even beginners can get into the easy instructions in this book, they even include some practice pages so you can learn and then put it into play to create beautiful lettered art in your personal or bible journaling.
⦁ Colorful finished art- while this is a journal that lets you explore your own creative side, they also didn’t skimp on providing beautiful art to inspire you while create.
⦁ Thick pages- these thick pages allow for a wide variety of artistic mediums from pens and pencils to markers- see my tests below.
⦁ Flat Lay Pages- No matter if it’s the 1st or the 51st page each one lays flatly thanks to the fabric spine

Buy Faith & Lettering HERE

Up next we have Illuminate Your Story, which helps you give your journals, bibles, or notes a more renaissance feel by leading you through pages of learning how to create your own illuminated letters. While I found this one and the Faith & Letters to be similar this one is a bit smaller but has some great highlights!
⦁ Hard cover- Yes! I have a weird obsession with hardcover journals.
⦁ Just like Faith & Lettering this one also has my favorite feature- An elastic pen holder!
⦁ Step by step instructions- from A-Z each letter is beautifully illustrated and clear instructions are given on how to draw your own.
⦁ Thought provoking quotes- there are plenty of places to journal on take notes, and within those spaces there are quotes by beloved Christian leaders to inspire your creativity even further.
⦁ Thick Pages- Once again see my tests below.
⦁ Flat Lay pages- Making it easy for getting the right angles for all your drawing.

Buy Illuminate Your Story HERE.

Last but not least- we have my personal favorite The Illustrated Word Coloring journal. It contains the beautiful art of an illuminated bible with the feel of a journal mixed with an adult coloring book, and has all the great qualities of the others (hard cover, thick paper, and flat lay pages) but also includes full color manuscript bible photos, along with line drawings of each photo so you can let the spirit inspire you to color your own. There is also plenty of space to take notes and journal as well- so write & color to your hearts content!

Buy The Illustrated Word Journal HERE

Can’t decide? Pick all 3!

Each one is unique in it’s own way and allows the spirit of creativity to flow through you, even if you are just learning! Would also make a great Christmas gift for artistic teens & adults!

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