DIY Turkey & Cheese Lunchable

My 6 year old is OBSESSED with lunchables! It’s his go to snack/lunch whenever we are out and about, and to be honest- mine too. So for lunch this past week I decided to make our own and save some money. While I can’t claim it’s  a HUGE money saver, it could add up over time. Turkey & Cheese lunchables are about $1.79 at Target (without a drink) while the ones I made came out to about $1.15 per piece (with a drink!)- which could be made cheaper depending on sales and brands you buy.

I made each one with:

4 Round Crackers

1 Slice of Turkey Breast

1 Slice of Deluxe American Cheese

1 Piece of Hershey’s Mini Chocolate

1 Box Juice

To make the Turkey & Cheese into round bite size pieces I found a cap from some old spices that fit perfectly and was able to cut 4 piece from each piece of meat and cheese, I then stored them in small condiment containers and put the crackers into their own container- no more crushed crackers!!

This was super easy and making them went by pretty quickly because my 6 year old helped, so this is a great way to get the kids into the kitchen!

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