DIY Father’s Day Survival Jar/Memory Jar

Good Morning/afternoon Family! Well Fathers day is almost upon us already! Can you believe almost half of the year is over already! crazy! And I have this idea as I am getting older it is going even quicker. Anyways I am going to revive another one of our older blogs. Some new readers may not have seen our other site so we are reintroducing some things for you. So here goes….

 Hello Family! Well a few weeks ago we honored Mom. So now it is time to honor Dad. I can tell you honestly I truly believe we should honor them everyday but 1 day out of the year makes it extra special. I purchased everything from Dollar Tree except for the jar. This will make approximately 5 jars so you can give to Dad, Grandpa, Uncle, Etc..Don’t forget to download your graphics you can use for tags. Happy creating and Happy Father’s Day!
Here is the list I used: (You can copy and paste it and print it out on your home computer)
Seeds – For helping me grow to who I am today
Almond Joy – For all the joy you have given me
Eraser – For when you make mistakes
Starburst – For when you need extra energy
Yorks – Because your worth a mint
Puzzle Piece – Because your the piece that holds the family together
Tootsie Rolls – Because sometimes you just need to roll with the punches
Hershey Kisses – Because your special
Tissues – To wipe away the tears
Pen – To write down your memories
Skittles – Because sometimes you just need a rainbow
Rubberbands – For when your patience is stretched


For a full video tutorial visit: Mason Jar Mamas on YouTube


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