Did I Tell you How Much I Love My Spiral Slicer?

     I have been searching the internet for a while for a spiral slicer. I found a few different ones but couldn’t decide which one I wanted and they were all actually somewhat expensive. So ok anything over 20.00 is expensive. lol..Then one day Mama April calls me from Walgreens of all places and says hey they have a spiral slicer the one from the AS Seen on TV ad! Only 14.95! Ok I was sold! In my car to Publix to buy zucchini, carrots, yellow squash, cucumbers and whatever else could fit into this delightful device to make into a long strand resembling a noodle.The ideas were endless! I do have to say though cucumbers are awesome tasting! So anyway the hype lasted all of 3 days I think now it just sits on the back of my sink waiting for the next faux noodle recipe. Like tonight’s meal…..
1 cup cooked angel hair pasta
1 cup sauteed spiral zucchini w/ 1 tsp minced garlic added
1 cup steamed broccoli
ONLY 269 Calories & 13 grams of protein!!! Ad a 1/4 cup of meat sauce and it brings it too 329 calories & 17 grams of protein….Bon Appetit!

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