Dear Mr. President


Dear Mr. President,
My son is 2 1/2 years old. Money is tight (much in thanks to the fact that my husbands job only keeps him at part time to avoid having to offer health insurance.) I’ve had to defend my decision on being a stay at home mom to family, friends, and now the government?

Truth is we struggle financially with me staying at home, however I don’t for one minute regret the decision that my husband and I made to allow me to be a stay at home mom. Sure it’s a choice, but for our family it was a nessacary choice. Our decision for me to be a SAHM was what was the best option for our family. 

Being a former child care worker, I refused to see my son put into a daycare center. Not that I believe they are bad or wrong (sadly they are a nessacary evil.) I didn’t want to expose my children to the germs and sicknesses of the other kids, I didn’t want him spending 6-8hrs a day with someone I hardly knew, I didn’t want to miss out on first steps, first words, potty training, all day hugs and kisses, and tv’s that played SPROUT all day. 

As he gets older I fully plan on homeschooling- or what some would call unschooling. He is free to learn at his pace, through the world around him,(see: Sudbury Schooling ) he can explore interests as his own pace, without being lead to feel as if he’s stupid or less then someone else because they got a better grade them him. This doesn’t mean he won’t learn, it dosen’t mean no eduation will take place it simply means that HE will be incharge of his learning and I will be a guide. The public school system is a total and epic fail to our kids. They are built to teach blind obedience to authority and forced knowledge, neither of which I wish for my son.

So all in all Mr.President, do me a favor and keep your government out of my family decisions.  If you REALLY Care about families, get rid of the so called Affordable Care Act, Stop your friends from giving companies perks for moving jobs over seas, stop fighting over oil, and do away with common core!

With that being said, this is what my husband and I feel is best for OUR family. What is best for your family may be vastly different then what we’ve chosen. Things like jobs, education, and childcare are for each family to choose, and instead of putting down someone for their choices, we need to start lifting each other up and supporting FAMILY no matter how they choose to parent. Being a parent is hard, we all just need a little love!

-Mama April

This letter is a responce to: Obama On Moms Who Stay At Home

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  • April, Never have I felt so offended than when I homeschooled my two children. It seemed that at every turn someone was telling me it was a detriment to my children. That I was not capable of giving them what they needed. I did it for many reasons and learned how to turn a deaf ear to those who were ignorant for lack of knowledge. I commend you for your choice! There are many out there who have little or no knowledge and therefore cannot make a sound judgement about what it is we choose to do. Being a SAHM is not for everyone just as being a working mom is not for everyone. I completely agree with you in that we all need a little love and a lot less judgment! WELL SAID!
  • Well said. I, too, was a bit offended by his words. It's scary enough making the choice to step out of the workforce... now SAHM's are being subtly blamed for our failing economy? Because we don't contribute? Yikes. But again, he doesn't know what it's like to be us and why we make the decisions we make. Stay strong Momma!

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