Crispy Baked Dallas Wings

This was my first time making wings this way, and I can say no matter the sauce I’m going to use, I won’t be cooking my wings any other way! They came out with crunchy skin and the sauce stuck, they were the best wings I’ve ever made at home.


1lb Chicken Wings
2TBS Spiced Seasoning (I used Weber Kick’n Chicken)
2 TBS Melted Butter
1/2 Cup Your Favorite Wing Sauce
1Cup Blue Cheese/Ranch Dressing (For Dipping)


1. Fill a pot with water and 2TBS Spiced Seasoning & Bring to a boil.
2.Drop wings into boiling water and allow to cook 8-10 minutes, some wing sections may not be cooked through.
3.Drain water & Pat wings dry.
4. Arrange wings on a non stick cookie sheet or pan and bake at 350* til outer skin is crisp.
5. While wings are cooking mix 2TBS Melted Butter & Wing Sauce in a large bowl or ziplock bag.
6. Remove wings from oven and toss in butter & sauce mixture.
7. Enjoy!!

You can also toss with BBQ or any other wing sauces that you enjoy instead of the traditional buffalo sauce.

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