Cool Treats For Hot Dogs

Summer is in full swing here in Florida! We’re well stocked on Ice Pops and that includes some tasty treats for our furry friends. These frozen treats cool off the hottest of dogs and they are super simple to make! You only need 2 ingredients and a few hours to make these pupsicles, and while this recipe is for banana treats, the mix and match possibilities are endless and can be tailored to your dogs favorite flavors.

All you need is a banana, water, and an ice cube tray.

Simply slice the banana, put a slice or 2 in each tray, fill with water and freeze.

My dogs love to throw these icy treats around and play with them a bit before they actually start chowing down.

As with all dog treats- be sure to supervise your pet while they enjoy this delicious treat.

What are your dogs favorite flavors or treats?


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