cookies & cream pop cake

Sunday ended with another successful pop cake! This time we took on Cookies & Cream and it turned out wonderfully. Sweet & Creamy it reminded me of cookies & cream ice cream. Try it for yourself.

1 Box golden vanilla cake mix
12oz (1 1/2 c) cream soda
1/2 tub cool whip
7 oreo style cookies

Mix cake mix and can of soda with whisk. Do NOT use mixer.
Pour mixed cake into 8×8 or other small baking dish.
Bake according to temperature directions on box.

Crush cookies and set aside.
Allow cake to cool and frost with whipped topping.
Top with crushed cookies.

Feel free to use diet soda and fat free cool whip for a lighter version.

Is there a pop cake flavor you’ve been dying to try but not brave enough to make it yourself, let us know in the comments below!

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