Clean Out The Fridge Chicken Flatbread Pizza..Yum!

     Happy Tuesday family! While trying to decide what I was making for dinner I started cleaning out my fridge. I found a package of Thin Crust Artisan Flatouts that were about to expire. A partial package of basil cubes, Some plum tomatoes, 1/2 bag of fire roasted peppers & onions from Trader Joes, some chicken breast from a previous night, and a partial package of Belgioioso Mozzarella Cheese.
     Then the light bulb went off Pizza!  I can eat pizza in anyway shape or form, with or without sauce. Sausage, Pepperoni, ect. However this was going to be more on the healthier side. In fact when I figured out the calorie count it came out to less then 300 calories for an entire flatout! Paired with a salad and I was one happy camper! Even hubby gave it high marks and said it was a keeper so here we go!!
4 Flatout Artisan Flatbreads
3 Basil cubes (I microwaved from a frozen state)   Fresh basil is best but I only had frozen.
3 Plum Tomatoes
1/2 bag Fire Roasted Peppers & Onions 
6 oz diced chicken breast
6 oz Belgioioso Mozzarella Cheese
Saute peppers and onion with diced chicken breast to heat.  Put flatbread in a preheated 375 degree oven for approximately 3-5 minutes. Take out then put all your ingredients on top. I used a knife to spread the basil on the bottom of the flatout and then worked up from there and placed back in the oven for around 5 minutes.
Under 300 calories per flatout and 21 grams of protein!

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